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Big East blogs sleeping on UConn at their own risk

On days like today I start to feel very much like college football's Cassandra. I can see the glory that awaits Randy Edsall and the UConn Huskies, but despite my proclamations, no one else seems to be accepting of what lies ahead.

Playing the part of the Trojans in today's tragedy are the other SB Nation Big East bloggers. You see, today SB Nation's Big East preview was published and UConn came in fourth. There were six voters in the poll, five of which picked Pittsburgh to win the conference. I alone, seer that I am, picked UConn to win the league. Worse yet, South Florida blog Voodoo Five picked the Huskies to finish sixth (!). As a further insult, UConn was also picked as the most likely team to fall short of expectations.

Perhaps worst of all is the fact that somehow, someway, Dave Wannstedt, a man who wastes more talent than Mike Krzyzewski, was picked as the Big East coach of the year, over our glorious leader Randy Edsall.

Several of the participants have published their ballots, check them out: Mine, Voodoo Five, Card Chronicle, On The Banks.