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Come for the football, stay to be Jonathan the Husky's musher

Virtual musher that is. I picked up NCAA Football 11 the other day and noticed that everytime I scored a touchdown, the game encouraged me to "Go celebrate with the mascot!" Well, today I finally made it over to Jonathan, who promptly dropped to his hands and knees and lurched forward as Jordan Todman whipped him from behind. Oh, and it all ends with Jonathan howling at the moon. 

I tried to check and see if Syracuse's celebration ended with someone devouring Otto, but the game is so realistic that whenever you load up Syracuse all you get is a whole lot of this.

As for the game itself, it is a very good game of football, though UConn is criminally underrated. The Huskies are a C+ team. Pittsburgh, the team that Vegas has equally favored with UConn to win the Big East is a B+. Rutgers is a B- and Syracuse, freaking Syracuse is a C+, just like UConn. Virtual Jordan Todman is pretty badass though.