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TheRoundUp 8/12: Big East players hate giant oranges

College Football Confidential: Big East player poll answers biggest questions - ESPN
While UConn received virtually no support amongst the players ESPN polled as the conference's top team, a vast majority of those surveyed redeemed themselves in a big way, dubbing Otto the Orange as the most annoying mascot.

"Most of the mascots in our league are pretty cool," [one player] says. "But then Syracuse has a big orange blob walking around. I mean, what is that?" 


Xavier-Middletown's Marinan: Where Stewart Lands - UConn Huskies Football Blog | Hartford Courant | Desmond Conner
Dez Conner with word that Xavier-Middletown's Graham Stewart, Rivals' No. 24 inside linebacker in the class of 2011, has gone for an apparent shoe-in to land with the Huskies to a sought-after three-star prospect fielding offers from BC and 'Cuse, and receiving interest from the likes of USC.

Update from Day 2 of Team USA training camp - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN
More good news out of USA camp, as Chris Sheridan notes that Kemba had an impressive-looking steal of Clippers 2-guard Eric Gordon to start the break.