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Where I come from: Most memorable moments

This post is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.

As I looked at the posts in this series, this topic stuck out immediately. UConn football may not have a storied history, but it has had some fantastic high points, three of which stick out immediately. Hit the jump to see what they are.

#3 - UConn goes for 2 to beat Pitt

By far the best part of an otherwise stunningly mediocre season, UConn's 2006 win over Pitt easily makes the list. The Huskies were down 14 in the fourth quarter when D.J. Hernandez (!) took control and helped erase the deficit. Down seven in double overtime, Donald Brown broke into the endzone to bring the Huskies within one. But instead of taking an easy extra point and going into triple overtime, Randy Edsall gambled the game on a do-or-die two-point conversion. Hernandez again took over, scrambled into the endzone and sealed the victory.

#2 -- UConn's wonderful three weeks

I am cheating a bit here, as this is not a moment but rather a three-week run of marvelous victories in 2007. It all started with Larry Taylor's "Unfair Catch" that propelled UConn past a Louisville team that many thought could be a national contender at the start of the year. Next came No. 11 South Florida. The Huskies beat the Bulls 22-15, giving UConn its first win over a ranked opponent, first national ranking and as the clip above shows, its first field-storming. Finally, to cap it all off, UConn ended the three-game homestand by crushing Rutgers 38-19.

#1 - UConn beats Notre Dame

 Coming into this game, UConn was reeling. Jasper Howard had been murdered a month before and the team lost each of its three previous games in heartbreaking fashion. Plus, it was Notre Dame's senior day and the Irish were playing to try and save Charlie Weis' job. Oh, and the refs took away two touchdowns from the Huskies in the last two minutes on holding calls that were dubious at best. None of it mattered however as the Huskies ultimately prevailed in double overtime. In his emotional post-game interview, Edsall called the win UConn's best ever. He was right.