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Where I come from: My all-time favorite UConn players

This post is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.

I cannot say that I have a favorite UConn football player, but there have been several who have stood out over the years. In particular, there are three that stand above the rest. Hit the jump to see who they are.

First up is Terry Caulley, who is really the first UConn football player I ever paid attention to. Before he came, there really wasn't a lot drawing me to the program, but as a freshman in 2002, the diminutive and speedy Caulley racked up 1247 rushing yards and 15 touchdowns. He may have been small, but his play was electric. He never matched the numbers he put up as a freshman (he missed all of 2004 because of a knee injury and finished up his career as part of a multiple-back platoon) but he was always a blast to watch.


Next up is another short speedster, Larry Taylor. Taylor had a fine career for the Huskies, but I'll always remember him for the moment captured in the clip above, his "Unfair Catch" against Louisville. As you can see, Taylor waved for the ball, waited for the Louisville players to slow up, and then took off, scoring a crucial touchdown. My favorite part about all this? Later that same season, Taylor tried it again.




Finally, there is Donald Brown, the best player UConn has ever produced. During 2008, Brown's final season as a Husky, Randy Edsall unveiled a particularly effective new offense strategy: Let Donald Brown do everything. Brown racked up an insane 367 carries over 12 games and picked up more than 2,000 yards, and each and every defense he played against knew that he was UConn's only weapon. Plus, there is this: