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Where I come from: Tailgating traditions

This post is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.

Like we have covered here before, in a lot of ways UConn is still growing into having a football program. Likewise, in a lot of ways, I'm still growing into being a UConn football fan. That means my tailgating tradition story isn't so much about a "tradition" as it is about my inability to properly pack for a tailgate while I was in college.

You see, I could never, ever, ever remember to bring tongs or a spatula for grilling. Grill? Check. Gas? Check. Meat? Check. A tool I could use to actually cook the meat? Never. As a result, most of my tailgates were alternately spent cursing myself for making the same dumb mistake I always made and trying to use some cardboard ripped from the side of a case of beer to flip hamburgers. 

Like I said, its not much of a tradition, but I'm working on it. So what do you do? Leave it in the comments.