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Where I come from: My all-time favorite UConn team

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Let's all be honest. There is not exactly a wealth of UConn teams to choose from to pick a favorite squad. Sure, UConn has been playing football for a century, but it has really only mattered for the last decade. In that decade, there are a few teams that you could make an argument for.

The 2003 and 2004 squads both proved that UConn could at least be moderately competitive in Division 1-A, capped off with the 2004 Motor City Bowl win. You could certainly make a strong case for the 2007 team, which was the first UConn group to be ranked, had some of the school's biggest wins, featured the first (and only) rush-the-field moment in Rentschler Field's history and won a share of the Big East title. 

However, at the end of the day, my all-time favorite UConn team is last year's squad. The 2009 Huskies had an absolute roller coaster of a season. In many ways, talking about what the team did on the field feels irrelevant because of the tragic mid-season murder of Jasper Howard that defined the team's season. The squad went 8-5, with the five losses coming by a combined 15 points. Three of them came immediately following Howard's death, but then the Huskies went to South Bend and this happened: 

The Huskies knocked off Notre Dame in double overtime, sparking a four-game winning streak to end the season, which was capped off with a 20-7 whipping of South Carolina, UConn's first win over an SEC team.