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Introducing The UConn Bloggers Roundtable


Good morning, fellow UConn fans. If you're reading this, there's a pretty good chance you enjoy reading about UConn sports on this here Interweb. Me too!

In the past few years, the rather tiny UConn blogosphere has grown to include a number of different interesting, independent places for your Husky news and views on the web (including this humble site, if I may be so shameless). Today, I'm proud to announce the beginning of a collaboration I have ever so-creatively named "The UConn Bloggers Roundtable." (Bidding on the naming rights starts at $75.)

I recently reached out to two UConn-centric bloggers who I check out daily - Mike Grant of UCHuskies, and Ian Bethune of Sox & Dawgs - with an idea to have a semi-regular open forum to discuss timely and relevant topics in UConn sports. They obliged me, and after some trial-and-error over e-mail, we will be posting the first Roundtable today. Think of it like the Yalta Conference, except we promise never to sell out Poland to the Russkies.

Here's how we're planning for it to work:

Every so often, the three of us (and I'm open to including more UConn bloggers: e-mail me!) will offer our points and counterpoints on a given subject. This being football preseason, we'll be talking about that a bunch at first, though obviously there are basketball issues to discuss as well.

The product of our first attempt - on whether UConn football is a contender for the Big East title this year, and whether the Huskies need to contend - should be posted on this afternoon.

Each of our sites will rotate as roundtable hosts; today is Mike's turn, next time it'll be at Sox & Dawgs, and the third one will be right here, and so on. We will, of course, link to each other, and encourage you to write your feedback on the appropriate site. You'll notice that Mike did the lion's share of writing today: note that whoever hosts gets the debate version of "home-field advantage," getting in the first shot and the final word, while the other writers respond to him.

Since this is our first run-through, we're looking for feedback on what works and what doesn't work (and what topics you'd want to read about). Hope you guys enjoy it, and more importantly, we hope it gets you all talking.