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SHABAZZ! Napier is not Khalid El-Amin


SHABAZZ! Napier is not Khald El-Amin.

We know this because they have two different names. Also, they are two different people.

However, after Coach Cal compared the two earlier this month, SHABAZZ!, a hyped incoming freshman, and Khalid, world-shocker and Ukranian basketball champion, have often been compared to each other. 

Problem is, they are not the same person. 

To illustrate this point, here is a handy chart:

SHABAZZ! Napier Khalid El-Amin
Height 5-foot-11 5-foot-10
Weight 165 lbs. 202 lbs.
From Mean streets of Charlestown, Mass. Minnesota
Accomplishments Re-classified to Class of 2010 Won a national title
Game Finesse Power
Favorite Food Pasta Everything
Facial Hair Dirt lip Baron Davis beard
On The Web Given high ratings on most recruiting sites Has own site, presumably created on Angelfire
Highlight-Reel Music Obscure crunk jam Lady Gaga
Goals Earn a starting spot Take over the world, one fish house at a time