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TheRoundUp, 7/20: Hey, this old thing

Let's try this again.

We've tried putting together "daily links" posts in the past to various degrees of success. But having stumbled upon a surplus of free time that needs a-fillin', I figured I'd give this the olde one-plus-year-out-of-college try.

So, without further ado, I bring to you the new-and-improved "TheRoundUp," which we'll attempt to bring to you every day Monday-Friday ... while also reserving the right to renege on that promise at any time:

(Note: If you stumble across any interesting link in your daily scouring of the interwebs, shoot us an e-mail -- addresses can be found at the bottom of the page -- and we'll be happy to add it.)

The curious case of Jeff Hathaway -
Eamonn Brennan, who now runs the primary college blog over at, looks into the perplexing decision to name Jeff Hathaway the chair of the D-I men's basketball committee in 2012.

Despite turmoil within program, UConn's AD named tourney chair for 2011-12 - The Dagger
Another take on the issue.

UConn search for new president underway - Boston Globe
The search for "Hollywood" Mike Hogan's replacement begins. Worth noting that unless the selection committee makes its decision soon, it's possible the two biggest positions at the school in terms of athletic decision-making (university president, athletic director) may be vacant at the same time. I blame Jerome Dyson.

Dyson Back From Summer League - Hartford Courant
Mike Anthony catches up with Jerome Dyson after a particularly bad showing at the Vegas Summer League. Dyson seems to be pleased with his performance once he earned longer minutes and continues to not acknowledge the silly concept of shooting percentage.

UConn proved to be wise choice for Shelton's Orlovsky - New Haven Register
In case you want to hear the story of Dan O. for the 1,451st time.