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Hathaway named chair of selection committee

Apparently, eight major recruiting violations can really make that resume sparkle.

Almost two months after UConn's men's basketball program was notified of eight major recruiting violations, Huskies athletic director Jeff Hathaway was chosen as the chair of the NCAA Division I men's basketball committee for the 2011-12 academic season.

Aside from the odd timing, the appointment offers little relevance to the UConn sports realm -- mostly because I assume you, like me, never knew this position existed. 

However, it is worth mentioning that this could be a sign that Hathaway is leaning against taking the Maryland athletic director for which he has long-since been rumored to be the front-runner.

As pointed out by Maryland's SB Nation blog, Testudo Times, Hathaway would have to give up the position -- perhaps the most prestigious among ADs -- if he joined the Terps, as the ACC has already named a representative for the committee. 

ESPN's Andy Katz puts it a bit more succinctly:

Could be a awkward for Hathaway if UConn receives sanctions when it goes before COI Oct. 15-16; timing for Maryland AD job could be off.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck


Totally, Andy.