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Introducing SBNation Boston and the UConn fan confidence poll

In the past few days our beloved corporate overlords SBNation have made some big changes by launching a slew of new regional sites, including one for Boston, which we will now be affiliated with. The program is starting off with six cities (BostonNew YorkChicagoPhoenixDetroit and Washington) and will be expanding across the country over the next month (check out the full list at the sidebar on this page).

The sites are intended to serve as regional clearinghouses that will direct you to team-specific blogs, feature content from those blogs and also provide some original commentary. 

This will not change any of the content we provide here, but some of it, along with fanshots and fanposts from you folk, may be featured there. 

However, with the expansion there is one new addition to our site. It is called the fan confidence poll, and you'll find it right under our site logo on the main page. The idea is that fans can vote for their level of confidence in UConn, it will be updated every few days and tracked over time (i.e., confidence will be sky-high after UConn stomps on Michigan to open the football season and then plummet after Texas Southern beats the Huskies a week later.)

All this is a result of the ever-growing SBNation (now 250 blogs and counting). If you haven't taken the time to check out some of what the other sites have to offer, I'd really encourage it. Personally, I'm still exploring the new Boston site, but it seems like a pretty useful place to visit. Enjoy.