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Anyone want to guess where Rudy Gay winds up?

So as you may have heard, this whole NBA free agency thing is a pretty big deal this year. All the action (theoretically) starts at midnight tonight and the next week is sure to be a fun one to follow. Now, Jim Calhoun may occasionally run the Huskies like free agency exists, but for all practical purposes, the only time UConn fans really get to engage in free agent fever is when an alum is taking part in the action. The big catch this year is clearly Rudy Gay, who has set himself up to become a very rich consolation prize for some poor team. Ray Allen is also out there though, as he will soon be picking the team that he breaks the all-time three point record with. We'll be sure to update the site as these former Huskies sign, but if anyone wants to take a guess at where they wind up, hit the comments.

For the record, I'm guessing Rudy is either a Clipper or a Knick and Ray sticks with the Celtics. I have no clue for LeBron, but Chicago seems like a nice enough place.