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Au revoir, Darius Smith

The Hartford Courant is reporting that freshman reserve guard Darius Smith, known around these parts affectionally by his nickname, "No-Nickname," will be seeking a transfer. And just when we were getting close to coming up with a nickname. Ah well.

Smith played 19 games, averaging just seven minutes per game, but saw more and more action as the season wound down. He was expected to compete for the backup point guard slot with D-Bev and freshman SHABAZZ! Napier, but perhaps Smith saw himself dropping in the depth chart.

He's the second freshman guard to leave UConn this spring, with Jamaal Trice clearing waivers in April.

Here's UConn's current scholarship situation, in not-at-all-practical "Inside Joke Nicknames" form (note: We will begin accepting freshmen nicknames right now):

Guards: SR D-Bev, JR Kembawesome Walker, FR SHABAZZ! Napier, FR Jeremy Lamb

Forwards: SO Tuff McJuice, SO Alex Uruk-hai, FR Roscoe Smith, FR Tyler Olander

Centers: SR The Dove, SR Charter Ok, SO Ater "Do You Believe In" Majok, FR Michael Bradley

Unless I'm missing someone, that makes 12 (and good grief, is that a young squad).

But this is nowhere near final, for a few reasons:

1) The whole scandal thing everyone's talking about? It seems like consensus among the media types that UConn will be hit with some sort of recruiting sanctions, including the loss of a scholarship (or two) for a year (or two). So 12 might be the limit.

2) There are still, apparently, some recruits out there. Anthony's story linked above lists a 6-foot-6 German chap named Niels Giffey as visiting UConn this week, and according to Jeff Goodman, ex-Binghamton player Greer Wright could be in the mix, though he is leaning towards Cincinnati at the present.

3) Finally, from the Anthony article, Jonathan Mandeldove's status is now a "question mark," so UConn could conceivably have two open schollies for this fall (minus future sanctions). If anyone needs me, I'll be weeping over the loss of the Dove in the corner.