Congratulations to the class of 2010

It's Commencement Weekend up in Storrs, so I just thought I'd pass along the above video, along with my congratulations to the kids leaving UConn, diploma in hand. Way to go, y'allses. (Pardon my aw-shucks/youthful-naivete routine, but it's terrifying that's it has been a full year since your three authors graduated. Social Security beckons.)

Among this year's graduates: basketball/baseball superstar Scott Burrell. You may remember Burrell as the guy who made The Pass before The Shot. Twenty years after the Dream Season, he came back to earn his diploma. It's a feel-good story, except for this bit:

Burrell said he hasn’t heard from UConn coach Jim Calhoun yet

I find it impossible to believe that Coach Cal wouldn't cancel all of his plans to reminisce over things that happened in the early '90s. Simply impossible.