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Oh beautiful day! Jim Calhoun to announce new contract

After months of almost having a contact signed, UConn and head coach Jim Calhoun are scheduled to announce his a new deal today that will keep him as coach of the Huskies through 2014, according to the Courant. According to the report, the contract is a five-year deal that will pay the coach roughly $13 million dollars, and is retroactive to last season, meaning it has four years left.

The contract is scheduled to be available on at about 10 a.m., and Calhoun and athletic director Jeff Hathaway are expected to talk to the media shortly thereafter.

Though Calhoun announced back in March that he would be returning, it feels fantastic to finally have this issue put to bed. Between his health and as-of-yet-unsubstantiated reports of recruiting violations, there have been enough rumors about Cal's future to raise some questions.

We'll be back with updates as more information about the contract is released.