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Gamblers name UConn and Pitt as early Big East football favorites

The Olympic Sportsbook, which I'm told is a pretty reputable place for this sort of thing (not much of a gambler myself), has named UConn and Pitt as its favorites to win the Big East this year. Anyway, the purpose of this is not to start a gambling discussion, but rather to take a look at some of the early wisdom for how the Big East might shake out. Hit the jump to see the odds.

Big East

3581    Cincinnati       +500
3582    Connecticut      +250
3583    Louisville       +800
3584    Pittsburgh       +250
3585    Rutgers          +500
3586    South Florida            +500
3587    Syracuse         +1500
3588    West Virginia            +300

For those unfamiliar with betting, a + indicates the amount of money you would win for a $100 bet (For example, if you bet $100 on UConn to win the Big East, you would walk away with $350 (100+250)).

So along with Pitt, UConn is the favorite, but since that six of the eight teams are so closely grouped, it is hardly definitive.

For comparison's sake, here are last year's odds:

  To win the Big East
   Cincinnati   800
   Connecticut   800
   Louisville   1500
   Pittsburgh   250
   Rutgers   500
   South Florida   250
   Syracuse   5000
   West Virginia   250

On a related note, the same group also released odds for the Heisman race and UConn's Jordan Todman was listed, albeit as an incredibly long shot at +5000.