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What other people are saying about the NCAA's allegations against UConn

Want more about the recruiting allegations? Not really? Too bad, here you go:

UConn Under The NCAA Investigative Gun -
Jeff Jacobs takes a look at whether or not Patrick Sellers and Beau Archibald are really scape goats, plus asks a few questions about the whole Tom Moore situation.

The New Haven Register Blogs: UConn Men's Basketball Blog
David Borges takes a look at what the penalties might be for UConn.

Connecticut Huskies had no choice to let coaches go, still face uncertainties - ESPN
Andy Katz looks at the impact the allegations will have, both recruiting and otherwise. He also says Tom Moore may have hurt his standing with the program by announcing his name was clear the night before UConn's press conference.

Calhoun's drive is his undoing - College Basketball -
Over at Yahoo!, Les Carpenter see's Calhoun as some sort of grand tragic figure. A sampling: "Of all the obsessive men who coach college basketball, the connivers, the screamers and schemers; manipulators all, none has ever been more tenacious and therefore more tragic than Jim Calhoun."

Calhoun keeps cool profile by staying away from heat - NCAA Division I Mens Basketball -
Gary Parrish seems to think Calhoun is no worse than most coaches, and instead praises his ability to keep his distance from trouble. "Calhoun's other great attribute, which is to say his ability to stay far enough away from the bad stuff to survive if the bad stuff ever comes to light."

Hit the jump to check out the reaction from some other Big East blogs.

It's Getting Hot in Here. But, Calhoun, Keep On All Your Clothes. - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician
"It is official. The University of Connecticut men's basketball program is in some hot water. The question now is just how hot is that water? Are we talking a slightly uncomfortable jacuzzi level, or is the program bubbling around in a boiling pot or water? And, maybe just as important, how involved is Jim Calhoun?"

Orange::44: Calhoun, UConn Cited for NCAA Violations
"As my friends would testify to in court, I have been saying for several years, back to my time on the fine hill of Syracuse, that Coach Calhoun and the UConn program recruited dirty and that sometime in the future they would be hit with violations. That day has arrived."

Shocking News! More Trouble at UConn! - Casual Hoya
Casual Hoya has a little fun with celebrating UConn's troubles.

"Hello? Yes, It’s the NCAA. You’re Fucked." " Hoya Suxa
But not nearly as much fun as Hoya Suxa, who took the NCAA's letter of allegations and annotated it (it is pretty funny, but be warned, it is incredibly profane).