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Whatever happened to Tom Moore?

The NCAA letter of allegations against UConn's basketball program featured a lot of information, but there was one particularly notable admission. Where was former UConn associate head coach Tom Moore?

If you go back and read the Yahoo! Sports report that brought this whole mess to light 15 months ago, you'll see Tom Moore's name mentioned a lot. However, Moore is not referred to by name in today's report, and there is one clear reference to him, in section 1.e.:

Between October 12 and November 5, 2006, the then associate head men's basketball coach [Moore] placed at least four impermissible telephone calls to then [redacted] (three) [redacted] (one). The telephone calls exceeded the number the institution was permitted to make per week to the prospects.

That is the only clear reference to Moore I could find, and according to his lawyer Moore is "no longer involved in the investigation." That is all well and good, but the Yahoo! report on Moore seemed pretty damning. Hit the jump for details.

Not only did the original report allege that Moore introduced former UConn trainer and NBA agent Josh Nochimson to star-crossed recruit Nate Miles, but it also featured phone records showing plenty of calls between Moore, Nochimson and Miles' guardian, Sean Patterson and text message records showing correspondence between Moore, Nochimson and Miles.

The Yahoo! report does say that contact between UConn and Nochimson intensified after Moore left for Quinnipiac in May of 2007, but I still find it interesting how little Moore is mentioned in the NCAA's letter.

It is certainly possible that the NCAA checked into all the Moore accusations and found they had no merit, but the phone records in the report seem to paint a very different picture. I suppose Moore not being mentioned in the report is a good thing for UConn, but I cannot help but wonder why he is not in there.