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Let's all take a second to appreciate Ray Allen

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Like many UConn fans around my age, Ray Allen was my childhood hero. I adored him when we was in Storrs, and followed him closely during his time in basketball purgatory as a player for the Bucks and Sonics. I was thrilled when he got the chance to leave his relative obscurity behind and join the Celtics, and overjoyed when he got his first title in 2008. Despite being 35, he has been lighting it up for the Celtics all post-season, and led the team with 25 points during Boston's game 1 win over Orlando in the Eastern Conference Finals. He is averaging 18 ppg in the playoffs, and shooting over 42 percent from behind the arc (47.2 percent on all field goals).

I do not have a particular point I'm trying to make here, I just wanted to make sure everyone noticed what was going on. Allen is a free agent after this season, so I'm not sure whose uniform he'll be donning next year. But wherever he plays, as long as he is healthy he is almost a lock to break Reggie Miller's career three point record, and has a very good chance of being UConn's first player to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.