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Outgoing president Michael Hogan calls UConn "a very good fit" for the Big Ten

We have not done a lot with the news of Michael Hogan leaving UConn, because it remains to be seen how much it will effect the Huskies athletically. However, a few interesting details have emerged over the last week.

In particular, there is this interview with an Illionis site yesterday, where Hogan said that UConn would be a "very good fit" for the Big Ten. He added that as president of UConn, he was interested in joining. He will not be installed as the president at Illinois until July, but I imagine that he could at least put in a good word for the Huskies -- though it would be nicer if he was doing that from Storrs. He also spends a little time talking about the future of the Big East, and like just about everyone, he seems to realize that if more than one team leaves the conference, it will be very hard for itsurvive.

If you want newsier recaps of the whole Hogan situation, check out the Courant or the New York Times.