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UConn president Michael Hogan resigns


UConn president Michael Hogan announced his resignation today so he can take the job as president of the University of Illinois. Hogan, who will step down on June 30, has been at UConn since leaving Iowa in 2007, was extremely popular on campus. 

Being a sports blog, our natural inclination is to ask is how this affects UConn with regard to conference realignment. I wouldd guess it will not mean a all that much, as UConn will surely announce an interim president soon, and it is not like the Big Ten was going to decide wether or not to grab UConn based on Hogan's presence. Still, an awful lot of UConn's athletic future may be determined in the current months, so this is not an ideal time to start hunting for a new head of the school.

On a personal note, I'm sad to see Hogan go. I have met him several times and always found him to be extremely nice and personable. Plus, he was the first person we ever interviewed for the blog.


UPDATEHere is the full release from the University of Illinois.