Today in dubious blog posts: Casual Hoya claims Calhoun and Okwandu resorted to fisticuffs


Ok, bear with me here. The SBNation Georgetown blog says they have a source claiming that Calhoun's leave of absence earlier this year was not health related, but rather stemmed from a fight he had with Charles Okwandu. Their evidence? The mysterious source and an article in the Courant that says it didn't happen. Oh, and they're saying an SEC coach tried to poach recruits, which is such a non-story it does not even register with me. Casual Hoya's argument seems premised on the fact that noted Calhoun-hater Jeff Jacobs went out of his way to issue a denial and help a cover-up effort. As any UConn fan will tell you, Jacobs is not exactly a friend of Calhoun or the program, so I'm having a hard time buying that. Since I'm not privy to Calhoun's medical/personal history, nor do I know anything about this source, I cannot say if this is true or not. Instead, I'll just say that it seems incredibly not true, and on my way out I'd like to note that Casual Hoya's motto is "the global phenomenon where cynical meets delusional."