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UConn releases post-spring depth chart or: Hey, spring practices happened

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I'm trying to think of something more useless than a post-spring practice depth chart  but I really can't think of much. ... Perhaps a thimble. 

The incoming freshman class hasn't arrived yet, a few of the Huskies' key players (Jimmy Bennett, Greg Lloyd, etc.) didn't partake in a single snap, and, y'know, actual practices haven't even begun yet. Plus, the depth chart (which can be viewed in full after the jump) has more "ORs" than a crew competition. The whole thing is kind of like listening to a demo cut of Train's smash hit "Hey, Soul Sister" pre-ukulele and before it was enlisted for 27 television commercials; you can't appreciate its Orange Bowl-worthiness yet. 

Nevertheless, the team officially released its pre-regular-season practice depth chart today. For those who followed spring practice (so that guy on The Boneyard that makes all of those football-related YouTube videos), there aren't too many surprises. But for the rest of us, there are a few somewhat-interesting developments. Such as ...

We're officially screwed at safety: The Huskies' defense was chewed up through the air last season to the tune of nearly 236 yards per game and finished the 2009 ranked 85th in the country in pass efficiency defense. It didn't help that UConn's offense became tolerable, leading to a ton of late-season shootouts, but the secondary, obviously, was mostly to blame. Specifically the safeties. Robert Vaughn was good at creating turnovers (5 Ints, 3 fumble recoveries in '09) but not the greatest in pass defense. And first-year starter Jerome Junior -- you may remember him from such films as, "Honey, I Gave Up A 70-Yard TD On The First Play of the Spring Game" -- seemed over his head at times and was eventually pulled in and out of the lineup for the now-exiled Aaron Bagsby

This season could be worse. Junior, a redshirt soph, reprises his role and hopefully will continue to develop. But next to him, the Huskies still don't have an answer. Kijuan Dabney, who's back at safety after failing to make an impact at linebacker and, whaddayaknow, safety, is the likely favorite to start opposite Junior. And behind him is Mike Lang, a wide receiver up until about probably 24 hours ago.

UConn has a lot of talent on the corners, but there's also a ton of youth. Unless a few of these guys develop rapidly, or the also-inexperienced ends provide a mean pass rush, next year's pass defense could be even worse than last year's shamockery.

Master of his domain ... for now: Adam Masters impressed Edsall enough in spring practice to vault to the top of the depth chart at LT. But I wouldn't read too much into this: Jimmy Bennett, he of potential as enormous as himself, was out all spring but should be ready by the fall. Unless he suffers some type of setback, Bennett, who was pushing for the starter's spot last year, will likely take over.

Lang and Aiken switch/Difton continues to suck: As noted earlier, Lang will now be part of UConn's patchwork secondary. Taking his place in the wide receivers corps will be CT native Marcus Aiken, who started out as a wideout.

The top three receivers (Mike Smith and the Bros. Moore) are no surprise. What is a bit shocking, however, is where uber-prospect and former apple of my eye Dwayne Difton currently resides. Difton, he of obamiconable talent, is third on the depth chart ... at one of the three receiving spots. Meaning, technically, there are six players more likely to play before he does. Unbelievable. 

Jonathan Jean-Louis and Jonathan Louis are two different people: Just sayin'.



Adam Masters (RSo., 6-4, 270)

Jimmy Bennett (RSo., 6-8, 301)

Greg McKee (Fr., 6-5, 299)


Mathieu Olivier (RSr., 6-6, 276)

Erik Kuraczea (RSo., 6-2, 315)

Steve Greene (RFr., 6-4, 324)


Moe Petrus (RJr., 6-2, 292)

Gary Bardzak (RJr., 6-3, 297)

Ben Chapman (RSo., 6-2, 276)


Zach Hurd (RSr., 6-7, 323)

Tyler Bullock (RFr., 6-4, 291)


Mike Ryan (RJr., 6-5, 332)

Kevin Friend (RFr., 6-5, 287)

Stephen Brown (RFr., 6-4, 289)


Ryan Griffin (RSo., 6-6, 240)

John Delahunt (RSo., 6-3, 243)

Corey Manning (RSo., 5-4, 255)

Alex Kaiser (Sr., 6-5, 238)


Jordan Todman (Jr., 5-9, 190)

Robbie Frey (RFr., 6-0, 199) OR

Kelmetrius Wylie (RJr., 5-10, 223)

Jonathan Jean-Louis (Sr., 6-0, 200)

Martin Hyppolite (RFr., 6-0, 210)


Anthony Sherman (Sr., 5-11, 242)

Bret Manning (Sr., 5-11, 255)


Zach Frazer (RSr., 6-4, 236)

Cody Endres (RJr., 6-4, 223)

Michael Box (RFr., 6-3, 194) OR

Leon Kinnard (Fr., 5-9, 179) OR

Johnny McEntee (RSo., 6-3, 216)


Michael Smith (Jr., 6-0, 200)

Malik Generett (RFr., 6-4, 210)

Joshua Massey (Sr., 5-8, 186)


Kashif Moore (RJr., 5-9, 177)

Nick Williams (So., 5-9, 182)

Dwayne Difton (So., 5-11, 171)

Eric Sawicki (RFr., 6-0, 189)


Isiah Moore (RJr., 6-1, 183)

Gerrard Sheppard (RSo., 6-2, 205) OR

Marcus Aiken (RFr., 5-11, 191)



Jesse Joseph (So., 6-3, 231)

Trevardo Williams (So., 6-1, 224) OR

A.J. Portee (RSo., 6-4, 236)

Jonathan Louis (Fr., 6-5, 241)


Kendall Reyes (RJr., 6-4, 287)

Alex Polito (RSr., 6-6, 284) OR

Shamar Stephen (RFr., 6-5, 291)


Ryan Wirth (RSo., 6-2, 275) OR

Twyon Martin (RJr., 6-2, 270)

Tim Willman (RFr., 6-3, 271)


Marcus Campbell (Jr., 6-2, 227)

Greg Lloyd (Sr., 6-2, 234) OR

Ted Jennings (RS., 6-5, 238)

"Husky" LB

Jory Johnson (RSo., 6-1, 219)

Andrew Opoku (Fr., 6-4, 217)

Matt Edwards (RSo., 6-0, 189)

Emmanuel Omokaro (RJr., 5-10, 207)


Scott Lutrus (RSr., 6-3, 240)

Jerome Williams (RSo., 6-11, 248)

Michael Osiecki (Fr., 6-2, 225)


Lawrence Wilson (RSr., 6-1, 217)

Sio Moore (RSo., 6-1, 231)

Mark Hinkley (RSo., 5-11, 228)


Blidi Wreh-Wilson (RSo., 6-0, 184)

Tevrin Brandon (RFr., 5-10, 172)


Jerome Junior (RSo., 6-1, 208)

David Kenney (RFr., 6-0, 186)

Harris Agbor (RJr., 5-10, 192)

John Yurek (RJr., 6-0, 200)


Kijuan Dabney (Sr., 6-0, 214)

Mike Lang (So., 5-11, 186) OR

Chris Lopes (RFr., 5-10, 183)


Dwayne Gratz (RSo., 6-0, 190)

Gary Wilburn (RJr., 5-11, 196) OR

Gilbert St. Louis (Fr., 5-11, 176)

Special Teams


Chad Christen (RFr., 6-1, 200) OR

Cole Wagner (RFr., 6-2, 197)


Dave Teggart (RJr., 6-0, 209)

Chad Christen (RFr., 6-1, 200)


Derek Chard (Sr., 6-3, 234)

Stephen Brown (RFr., 6-4, 279) OR

Mark Hinkley (RSo., 5-11, 228)


Chad Christen (RFr., 6-1, 200)

Zach Frazer (RSr., 6-4, 236)


Gary Wilburn (RJr., 5-11, 196) OR

Nick Williams (So., 5-9, 182) OR

Leon Kinnard (Fr., 5-9, 179)


Robbie Frey (RFr., 6-0, 199)

Jordan Todman (Jr., 5-9, 190)