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I hope you like passing: UConn Blue-White Spring Game Recap

Let's get this out of the way right at the top: football is not my forte. I know the game well enough, I can pick up the main points, but if you want great analysis, you're going to have to wait for Meacham or Justin to chime in with their thoughts. Meacham told me he'll be looking for the archive on UConnHuskies, so hopefully he'll add some thoughts later, but for now, you're stuck with me. With that said, even a football neophyte would realize that any story about this game is going to talk about passing, both UConn's sudden ability to do it and the defense's complete inability to stop it.

In a situation like this it can be hard to say if the offense is succeeding on its own merits or just picking on a weak defense, but when your starting QB has half of his completions on 60-plus-yard touchdown passes it gets a bit easier. Zach Frazer did look good today, and it is a relief to see that UConn is moving to a more vertical style of offense, but dear lord there were a ton of open receivers. The front seven for the defense was fine, the d-line in particular looked great, and the secondary was able to do a decent job within 10-yards of the line of scrimmage, but UConn seemed like it could get anything it wanted downfield. This year is clearly UConn's best ever chance to make the BCS, but if the secondary plays like this all year, you can forget about that dream right now.

As for the rest of the team? The running looked solid but not spectacular. Jordan Todman looked fine, as did Jonathan Jean-Louis, but I, like I'm sure most other people, felt that the running game would be a strength anyway. Like I said, apart from the secondary, the defense was fine, with the line a highlight. The second team O-line had some worrisome spots, but the first teamers looked pretty solid. In addition, all five quarterbacks that played performed well, with Kinnard as a particular bright spot.

My one other big worry is special teams, which has been a weakness of this team for years and years. The rules of the game stipulated that there would be no kick returning, and the punting was fine, but the defense was able to block one field goal attempt and one extra point. As UConn has seen all too well in the past few years, blocked kicks can really kill a team, so hopefully that will get straightened out.

This post will probably come across as more negative than I'm intending it to be. There was a lot to like today, and i'd encourage everyone to check out the archived version on The secondary was bad, but this is just spring, there is a lot of time to work on the team. This is still going to be a good squad and on paper is one of, if not the best team of the Edsall era. They have a favorable schedule, a senior QB and a coach that I trust. There is a lot to like here.