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A programming note and a trivia question

Regrettably, we've more or less overlooked Spring Football for UConn this year (at least to me, this big time football in Spring thing is still foreign). Anyway, UConn's efforts culminate tomorrow with the annual spring game at noon. According to the splash screen of, live streaming video is going to be available on the site. I couldn't find any other details (like you know, if its free), but assuming I can access it, I plan on having an OpenThread for the Spring Game.  

I suppose this might be our unofficial season-switch point where we begin to focus more on football (hence the new motto), but that does not mean we're done with basketball. Obviously we'll keep one eye on the NBA draft as it approaches, but in the meantime I'd like to announce a new feature known as "TheAlumWatch." Basically, as soon as UConn's season ends each year, I turn my attention to the NBA, my beloved Denver Nuggets and the performance of former Huskies. This year I'm going to be taking that last element and tracking alum performance on the blog. The one problem with that? Only two three alums are actually in the playoffs (that is what happens when most of your guys play for two teams and they both suck). The first, of course, is Ray "Best Player in UConn History" Allen. The second player? Well, thats the trivia question The second player is Caron Butler, now of the Mavs(thanks to Russell in the comments for pointing out my idiocy). Aye, but the third player, now thats the trivia question I promise there are actually two alums in the playoffs, but I'll be interested to see who can name the last (and no cheating by researching -- even though I had to resort to that). 

Oh, and the NFL draft is Thursday. I'm sure we'll have something to say about that as it happens, though I can't say what yet.