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Signing Day Open Thread

By some random coincidence, none of the writers of the blog will be around at 4 p.m. when rocket genius and future 20-time NBA champion Brandon Knight chooses the school for which he will ply his trade for free for at least next season.

Knight's decision will set off a domino effect on the remainder of the top prospects (Cory Joseph, Josh Selby, C.J. Leslie, Doron Lamb), all of whom are linked with UConn. If UConn can grab even one of those five kids, there will be TONS of optimism for next year (and 2011-12, if Kemba stays for a senior season.)

But at this point, I doubt UConn gets any of them. Sigh.

Anyway, use this thread to debate how much money John Calipari can afford to pay potential recruits, and to cry tears of sadness that Knight Fever is (probably) over.