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UConn quits, gets run off the court by St. John's

I love Jim Calhoun, but he didn't follow through on his promise to bench the seniors. And true to recent form, those seniors came up with a whole bunch of nothing. (Neither did anyone else, but the kids weren't the ones Calhoun called out on Saturday).

St. John's 73, UConn 51. It's not hyperbole to call this the program's lowest moment in years. UConn's record is 17-15, the worst (win-percentage wise) since 1987, Calhoun's first season, when UConn went 9-19. An NIT invite isn't guaranteed, and I'm not even sure Calhoun should waste his time trying to coach this group for another two weeks.

Maybe later we can talk about where it all went wrong this year. Maybe later we can speculate on the future of Calhoun, the recruiting class, the hopes (or lack thereof) for next year.

Today, I'd prefer to exert exactly as much effort talking about the game as the team did playing the game.