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TheOpenThread: UConn-St. John's, Big East Tournament Day 1

A reasonable man would assume that at this point, UConn's season is over. Yes, the team will likely play a few days in the Big East Tournament and then burnout early in the NIT, but that is hardly a dignified way to end a season.

However, as it happens, I am not a reasonable man. No, I am a delusional homer, so I refuse to admit the season is over. Not ten minutes after the USF loss I was already plotting UConn's way back into tournament contention. For you see, when I look at this team, I can see its flaws, but I also see its talent, and even, on occasion, have seen them use that talent. I know I am about to have my heart broken, but I am willing to buy in anyway.

UConn starts its march back toward relevance today at 2:30 against St. John's. Please join us in the comments and share your thoughts.

(Ed.: May as well make this a day-long Open Thread, so if you feel the need to comment on the South Florida-DePaul thriller, or the NEW JERSEYYYYYY double-shot night session, go right ahead.)

(Ed. #2: Meacham here. Porter obviously wrote this, but I think if I had to sum up his feelings, this video - courtesy of ZLS44 - would do so:)