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TheOpenThread: UConn at South Florida

Well, here we are. After four months, 30 games and innumerable flip-flops between rejoicing and melting down in fits of despair, it's all (sort of) come down to this.

This is UConn's last chance to dance (barring a five-games-in-five-days miracle in MSG next week). Win, and UConn is still alive (and probably on the good side of the bubble, since everyone apparently sucks). Lose, and UConn equals its W-L record (17-14) from that evil, nasty 2006-07 season that didn't happen.

No pressure.

Use this thread for your freak-outs, complaints, passionate declarations for or against Jerome Dyson and, in the unlikely event UConn actually plays well, some calm, level-headed praise.

Go Huskies.