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In or out?: The quest to save face, Part V


Because there are precious few times left for us to use this photo in a semi-relevant context.

A day-after-gameday (and occasionally day-after-day-after-gameday) look at UConn's NCAA Tournament resume. Read Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV.

Most were left a bit ... raw following UConn's dispiriting loss to Notre Dame on Wednesday.

I, however, am simply writing it off as our comeuppance for this. Unfortunately, simply having to endure this soul-crushing season wasn't enough for the karmatic gods.

But no matter how you're dealing with the loss -- I suggest punching an Irishman, or at least someone 4 feet or shorter -- the reality is UConn's NCAA Tournament outlook is now a mess. Somehow messier than before, even. Messier than Mark Messier.

My take is similar to one discussed in the comment fields of the posts partly intended to slowly lower Jerome Dyson's self esteem (luckily he has enough of it; hi-oh!): The Huskies still have a decent shot of making it, but they'll have to at least come away with wins against South Florida on Saturday and in their first game at next week's Big East tournament. A third win would greatly help and maybe even sort of lock things up (depending on the opponent).

However, some of the people who spend their days toiling over beakers, Bunsen burners and flow charts to project these things aren't as confident. So for this edition, we'll forgo the yucks and just get down to business.

Info from BB State and ESPN Inside RPI, because we here at TheUConnBlog are equal-opportunity pillagers.   

UConn Huskies

Record: 17-13, 7-10 Big East (11th)
SOS: #2
RPI: #49
Big wins: vs. Texas (88-74), at Villanova (84-75), vs. West Virginia (73-62)
Bad losses: at Michigan (68-63), at Providence (81-66)
Vs. RPI 1-50: 3-8
Vs. RPI 51-100: 6-3
Vs. RPI 101-200: 6-2
Vs. RPI 150+: 5-0
Road record: 2-7
Last 12: 5-7
Scoring margin: +4.8
Games left: 1(ish) (USF, Big East Tournament)
Those with greater platforms than this ones' take:

Joe Lunardi, In as a No. 12 seed in the West (Salt Lake City) region, but also No. 2 in the "Last Four Out" list.

In almost any other year, there's no way UConn would still be in the bracket. But this season's bubble really is that weak.

Well, that's sort of encouraging ... I think.

Mark Schlabach, In.

The Huskies didn't have much room for error, so their at-large chances are probably on life support after they lost their second consecutive game, 58-50 at Notre Dame on Wednesday night. [...]To have any chance for an at-large bid, the Huskies will have to win at South Florida on Saturday and make a sustained run in next week's Big East tournament.

Bracketology 101: Slightly cynical, most likely out.

UConn, meanwhile, will need a minor miracle to get in at this point. [...] The Huskies' only hope for a bid at this point is to win at South Florida this weekend and then to win three games in the Big East tournament. Their first round game won't help their resume at all, and their second round game won't be against a real marquee team either. They need one more marquee win to get a bid, and a trip to the semifinals is the only way they're going to get that.

Note: If there's another Bracketologist out there I missed, let me know in the comments field.