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TheOpenThread: Sweet 16 Day 1 (in which we are all Bulldogs...again)

Porter has up and temporarily left America just when it was starting to get nice and entertaining, so I'll handle your open thread duties tonight. Tonight is the first night of the second weekend of March Madness, as the NCAA Tournament narrows it down from 16 to the Final Four. I've found that since 2006, I have almost no memory of any regional semifinals and finals in which UConn was not involved. But there exists the possibility of some very memorable happenings this weekend. Well, that, or the UConn fan's nightmare Final Four (Kentucky, Duke, Syracuse, Michigan State) coming to pass.

In three of tonight's games, your rooting interests as a UConn fan ought to be clear. We wish nothing but misery on Kentucky and Syracuse; and whether you like West Virginia or not, if Syracuse would fall, we'd need the Mountaineers to carry the Big East flag into Indianapolis.

As for Xavier-Kansas State? Eh, I could take or leave either. K-State probably has the better chance of knocking off the 'Cuse after the Orange destroy Butler, though.

Click on the handy widget above to access the wonderful March Madness On Demand service (the second-to-last night you can do so). Your game schedule is as follows:

7:07 p.m. - #1 Syracuse vs. #5 Butler (West Regional semifinal; Salt Lake City, UT)

7:27 p.m. - #2 West Virginia vs. #11 Washington (East Regional semifinal; Syracuse, NY)

9:37 p.m. (approx.) - #2 Kansas State vs. #6 Xavier (West Regional semifinal; Salt Lake City, UT)

9:57 p.m. (approx.) - #1 Kentucky vs. #12 Cornell (East Regional semifinal; Syracuse, NY)

Before the games tip off, read John Feinstein's excellent piece on the Kentucky-Cornell game. During the games, use this thread for all your commenting needs.