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TheConceptualOpenThread: UConn women vs. #8 Temple

Last time out, TheOpenThread challenged the UConn women by spotting their unfortunate opponents, the 16th-seeded Southern Jaguars, 40 points.

Even this handicap did not result in a "loss" for Geno's unstoppable bunch. So tonight, we'll try something similar in an effort to bring parity back to the women's game. For everyone who comments in tonight's thread, ignore any and all points scored by UConn in the first 10 minutes of the game. Thank you.

As for the actual game (7 p.m., ESPN2), tonight the Huskies take on old friend (and assistant coach) Tonya Cardoza, the head coach at Temple.

I expect that Cardoza's knowledge of the UConn system should make things slightly more difficult than Southern could; nevertheless, anything but a double-digit Husky victory would be a shock. (Plus, since Geno and Tonya are like family, that could mean the "no points in 10 minutes" conceit could spell theoretical doom for the Huskies!)

Enjoy the game.