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TheOpenThread: NCAA Tournament Day 2 (Go Catamounts edition)

I'm still trying to recover from yesterday's amazing slate of games, which was great for basketball fans everywhere (except those in South Bend, Washington D.C. and Milwaukee). With any luck today's slate of games will be half as fun as the last four Big East teams start off their tourney runs. With any luck the Big East will reverse its fortunes and go 3-1 today. That one, of course, would be Syracuse, who, God willing, will be the first 1 seed to lose to a 16 seed. Go Vermont.

Just to make things a little easier on everyone, I'm going to start updating TheBracketChallenge in these open threads. There is no more NIT action until Monday, so those standings will stay the same. Meanwhile, in NCAA action, Llimllib opened up a solid lead on the competition by going 13-3. There is a five-way tie for second at 11 points. Two pool members were under .500 for the day (hi Kemba Walker is my Hero) and even worse, two people picked Georgetown as their national champion, so you know they aren't winning. You can check out the full standings here.

Just like yesterday, you can use the fancy widget up top to direct you to March Madness on Demand and use the comments below to talk about whatever suits your fancy. Enjoy and Let's Go Catamounts.