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TheOpenThread: UConn vs. Northeastern, NIT First Round

Behind every great UConn team, there was an underachieving bunch that went to the NIT a few years earlier.

Two years before the Dream Season and the Shot, UConn won the 1988 NIT.

One year before superstar (and apparent Twitter friend of the blog) Donyell Marshall was this close to sending UConn to a layup Elite Eight game against Boston College, UConn lost to Jackson State in the NIT.

Two years before "Just when people say you can't..." made a generation of UConn fans roll their eyes and cry tears of joy at the same time, UConn was making it to the semifinals of the NIT.

Three years before UConn sent two of the top three NBA Draft picks to the league with championship rings, the Huskies were busy losing to Detroit Mercy for some reason in the NIT.

The point is, we're winning a national title in 2012. So join us on the first step to future dominance tonight in the open thread. Game's tonight at 7 p.m. on ESPN2, though you'd know that if you read the preview.


(Other, assorted blog housekeeping notes:

1) If you haven't joined TheBracketPool, you should do so. It's a little late for the NIT version, though.

2) Be on the lookout for your day-long OpenThread Thursday and Friday. I'll be around for all 12 hours both days for running commentary. Think of it like watching all the games at the bar, only with none of that pesky human interaction.)