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Let the UConn invitational begin

Tonight is one of the biggest nights of the year in women's basketball: the night that 63 teams get to find out whether or not they will lose to UConn, in which round they will do so, and when Pat Summitt will get her hat and broom handed to her in an epic Geno-delivered beatdown.

In the comments section, you'll see my stream-of-consciousness, mostly-off-the-top-of-my-head quickie live analysis of the bracket. Here's the important information, for the purposes of this blog:

  • UConn was seeded No. 1 in the Dayton region, and named the No. 1 overall seed (duh)
  • Their first-round pod will take place in Norfolk, Va. First-round games (UConn vs. #16 seed Southern and #8 Temple vs. #9 James Madison) will take place Sunday afternoon.
  • UConn-Southern will kick things off at 12:15, with Temple-James Madison to follow 30 minutes after
  • The second-round game will take place Tuesday night, either at 7 or 9
  • The regionals will take place in Dayton, Ohio the following Sunday (March 28) and Tuesday (March 30)
  • The Final Four will be in San Antonio the following Sunday (April 4) and Tuesday (April 6)
  • UConn's likely opponent in the Final Four would be archrival Tennessee, the top seed in the Memphis region. They could also play Duke, West Virginia or Baylor
  • The top seeds on the other side of the bracket were Stanford (probably the biggest, possibly the only threat to UConn) and Nebraska