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TheBracketChallenge: Something to distract us from the pain

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Welcome to TheUConnBlog's first annual NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge and (hopefully) last annual NIT Challenge.

As far as the NCAA pool goes, we're using standard operating procedure. The challenge is hosted over at Yahoo, and you can find it here.  Our name is TheUConnBlog and the password is "calbertus." Also, despite UConn's dismal failure, we'll be hosting OpenThreads for the NCAA's, so feel free to stop by and chime in.

Now, on to the real matter at hand, the National Invitational Tournament. Wooo. Near as I can tell, no website runs an interactive bracket challenge, nor even makes an interactive bracket available, so we're going to have to do this old-school. You can post your picks in the comments (just go through the games in order, or post a screenshot of a bracket) and I'll keep track by hand and provide regular updates. If you need it, the bracket is here. All brackets for the NIT contest are due by 7 est. Tuesday. Finally, I'm never sure how to score one of these things, I figure for points we can either go 1-2-3-4-5 or 1-2-4-8-16. Vote in the comments and I'll go with whatever is most popular.

Despite our corporate sellout, we're still broke, so there are no elaborate prizes for winners, but I'll see if we can throw something together (guest post, signed copy of Hoop Tales, something along those lines).

Goodluck to all.