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Something to consider

Cal hates Syracuse, so should you.
Cal hates Syracuse, so should you.

I want to tell you a story. There once was a team that took upon itself the noble endeavor of representing the University of Connecticut Huskies. This team was not expected to be an all-time great, but, as with all things emerging from Storrs, it was expected to succeed. The team started off well, but midway through the season, it faltered. Every break started to go the wrong way, the fates seemingly abandoned the squad and lo, they encountered a desolate period of heartbreak and loss, marked by painful defeat after painful defeat.

However, he team did not give up. No, instead it soldiered on through the difficult times, until it reached what some might call a climax 75 percent of the way through their season. This team was scheduled to head into a hostile stadium, home to a storied program deserving of all the scorn that could be heaped upon it. It would have been easy for this team to just give up, to roll over and call it a year, but they did not. No dear reader, they fought on and were rewarded with the spoils of victory. The season turned around, light returned to Storrs once more and the Huskies finished out their season in admirable fashion. 

The team I am describing is, of course, the 2009 UConn Football team. Though this story was about them, it could just as easily apply to this basketball team. Both started relatively strong, had a tough loss against a good team (UNC/Kentucky), muddled through a bit of their schedule and then hit heartbreak city (WVU/Rutgers/Cincy vs. Cincy/G'Town/Marquette). Then, when hope seemed to be lost, they hit the road to head into a hostile environment (Notre Dame/Syracuse). The football team's story has already been written, and though you may call me delusional, I think a win Wednesday will put the basketball team on the same path. Wednesday is UConn's time to shine, I can feel it. I know it.

On a completely unrelated tangent, I scoured Youtube to find the most hatey videos possible, plus the blog's new theme song. Hit the jump to check it out. 

Theme Song: Orange Crush by REM


This is a video of a car crushing an Orange:


Also, as it turns out, there is a not-insignificant amount of people (read: foot fetishists) who get off on women stepping on oranges. The following videos are completely safe for work, but creepy nonetheless.

So yeah, that stuff exists.... Hate on.