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Syracuse Hate Half-Week: The Return


Fun fact: Prior to 1890 (at least according to Wikipedia), Syracuse University did not associate itself with the color orange. Instead, the school used pea green and rose pink as its colors. As such, I have modified the above rendering of Otto to allow him to better fit in with Syracuse's legacy. I for one feel it is an improvement.

Now, why am I sharing this with you today? You see, in approximately 58 hours, the University of Connecticut Huskies will travel to the vile hamlet of Syracuse, New York to undertake the noble endeavour of destroying the Syracuse Orange. As is our custom, we here at TheUConnBlog will be marking the occasion with the celebration of Syracuse Hate Week. For the next two and one half days this organ will transform into a font of hate unrivaled on the internet and we would like to invite you to indulge, so feel free to make liberal use of the FanShot and FanPost features of this site to express and and all thoughts you may have about the cursed Orange. Welcome to Syracuse Hate Week. Hate on.


Just for kicks, here is the alternative version of old school Otto: