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Fashion Police: New duds a-comin'?

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As those who read my 1,000-word epic about the football team's new uniforms over the summer know, I take my uniform watching seriously. 

So when I find out that UConn -- along with a few other schools, it seems -- may be tweaking its men's basketball duds, you best believe I'll be clogging up space on this here blog to tell you about them.

I'm a little late to the party, as the Syracuse faithful have known about this for a few days. But unlike Nunes, the only blog-related e-mails I receive are when a new porn bot follows us on Twitter.

Whether or not these will actually make their way onto the court remain unclear (one of the 'Cuse comments says they're a-go). However, almost all of the other team shorts on that Eastbay page are the gameday versions, and the only ones that aren't feature that braille-like pattern on the side panels.

Aside from the dots, which remind me of the candy (how dots on a piece of paper ever seemed appetizing to me, I'll never know), there isn't much difference from what we've got going on now. But there are a few small differences, like: replacing the miniature husky dog head on the left side with the interlocking "UC" men's bball logo, the addition of gray into the color scheme (at the bottom of the away version) and the lack of a second stripe/piping. As you may know, the white and blue stripes on the away and home shorts, respectively, run all the way up the jersey. And then there's a red stripe that doesn't connect and just highlight the players' underarms. But looks like that's been done away with.

All and all, not bad; although, the white ones lack a certain pizzazz without much red. But I'll wait to see the final product (if if ever debuts) to make a final decision.