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LONG LIVE THE DOVE!: Center to redshirt, return next season


There are times in life when you're so overcome with joy, putting cogent thoughts together becomes a near impossible task.

This is one of those times.

Shout it from the roof tops, sing it loud and proud: THE DOVE WILL RETURN! LONG LIVE THE DOVE!

From The Courant's Mike Anthony:

Jonathan Mandeldove will not participate in Senior Day festivities Sunday at Gampel Pavilion before UConn faces Louisville.


Because I'm going to come back next year to play," he said.

Why, hello, elation.

Oh, there's more? Please. More.

"I lost focus in a couple classes, which basically put me in a hole," Mandeldove said. "Being a political science major, those classes are really hard and once you fall behind you're just trying to dig out of a hole. ... I am going to prove vocally and on the court that I am the guy they wanted to keep. Because if I don't do that, be the person they wanted, they'll look at me as just another failed experiment."

Incredibly said, Dove.