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TheOpenThread: UConn-Villanova, playing for pride

Well, its come to this. Even I, king of the optimists have written off the 2009-10 UConn Huskies campaign as a losing effort (note: this does not mean I'm writing off the program like some seem to be. I'll cover that subject later in the week, but for those hyperventilating about the future of the program: calm down, remember where we were 10 months ago).

But yet....

If nothing else this UConn team has show itself capable of playing to the level of its competition, so the prospect of playing No. 3 Villanova fills me with more hope than it does dread. I know, I know, the season is done, and Saturday's performance at the XL center was the likely nail in the coffin, but after too many heartbreaking losses to count, forgive me if I'm blindly hoping against hope for UConn to pull out the upset tonight and allow me to have a full week feeling good about my team.

Join us for TheOpenThread, the game tips at 7 p.m. on ESPN and maybe, just maybe, this can be UConn's night.

And just for good luck:

Score Prediction: UConn 77 - Villanvoa 74