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Football team announces road to Big East title

Since UConn is already winning the Big East title, who, when and where they play in the 2010 season is merely a formality.

But it's good to know who the Huskies' victims will be so we could notify the next of kin (in Syracuse's case, Lucifer) and when the conference trophy makers can begin engraving the team name.

It appears that the worldwide leader has also taken note of the Huskies' upcoming awesomeness, as it is already scheduled to broadcast four of the Huskies' games. Although five other conference teams have either as many or more ESPN/ABC games, this has to be a pre-season high for UConn. (Sigh.)

Sat., Sept. 4: at Michigan, TBA
Sat., Sept. 11: Texas Southern, TBA
Sat., Sept. 18: at Temple, TBA
Sat., Sept. 25: Buffalo, TBA
Sat., Oct. 2: Vanderbilt, TBA
Fri., Oct. 8: at Rutgers, 7:30 p.m., ESPN
Sat., Oct. 23: at Louisville, TBA
Fri., Oct. 29: West Virginia, 8 p.m., ESPN2
Thurs., Nov. 11: Pittsburgh, 7:30 p.m., ESPN
Sat., Nov. 20: at Syracuse, TBA
Sat., Nov. 27: Cincinnati, TBA
Sat., Dec. 4: at South Florida, TBA; ABC/ESPN/ESPN2

Other thoughts include:


-- I'm interested to start this Vandy series. Although the Commodores are perennial SEC bottom-feeders, Vandy features possibly the best combination of qualities an earl-season opponent can have: a bad but never awful team from a power conference that you're expected to beat but it's probably going to be a closer game than it should.

-- We get the three toughest conference teams (West Virginia, Pitt, Cincy) at home

-- Although it's impossible to say which Big East teams will be good in the preseason any more, the Huskies may only have to play two tough games in a row (West Virginia then Pitt) all season. And even then, there's a bye week in between. Cincy then USF could turn out to be tough, too, depending on how the Bearcats do post-B. Kells.