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YouTuberation: Syracuse Mockery Edition

Happy Syracuse Hate Day, everyone!

Much like Christmas or Thanksgiving, this wonderful holiday is filled with traditions and rituals that bring us together as a common people.

On Syracuse Hate Day, we like to mark the occasion with our favorite videos celebrating Orange lowlights. This certainly is not the first time we've posted many of these videos, but we think you, the discriminating UConn fan, ought to have a one-stop shop for Syracuse misery.

Because if there's one thing that sports fans love, it's mocking your rival's foibles, whether your team is at its highest moment, or its lowest. (Note: I'm happy to build a bridge between the Syracuse and UConn fanbases by saying "Patriots suck!")

Syracuse may be really good now, for the first time since my sophomore year of high school, but these YouTube clips will be forever timeless, and an excellent addition to the Orange hater's home video library. We'll start you off with a clip that was referenced in our ever-expanding comments section yesterday, but it's really the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade of YouTube clips: it always brings a warm smile to your heart, and it never changes.


More visual fun, below the jump. And check out our comments to see how long after we posted it took for a Syracuse fan to post a link to Closest guess without going over wins a Turkish lira, in honor of Turkey's favorite basketball star, Gerry McNamara.

We start with a classic. Apparently, before I was alive, Syracuse was good at basketball. I didn't believe it until I saw the proof for myself. But indeed, the Orange did make the 1987 NCAA Championship game against Indiana. And while in an alternate universe Syracuse may have won, in our benevolent universe, we have this:



Next up, we get a little more modern, as T.J. Sorrentine displays his enormous onions for all to see in the 2005 NCAA Tournament, in front of thousands of gracious UConn fans at the DCU Center.


Next up, a couple of Jim Boeheim classics. Calhoun gets all the "crazy unhinged response in a press conference" love, but Other Jim can match up with anyone in that category.



Not-really-running-up-the-score never felt so good.


Next, here's Arinze Onuaku, showing us all proper free-throw shooting form from the 2008 NIT.


And here, taste the delicious, NSFW tears of a Syracuse fan from that very same night, as Syracuse blew their chance even at NIT glory by losing to UMass:


And finally, we finish with the two most recent plays that prove that, no matter how good the Orange may be, you simply can't spell "schadenfreude" without "SU".


Here's hoping we add another one tonight.