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Today in wild rumors: Edsall to The U?

As the 2010 Zany Coaching Sojourn machine kicks into high gear, it appears that Randy Edsall is on the fast track to a new, more-prestigious gig.

That conspiracy theory drum has been beaten 'round these here parts since we Babe Ruthed UConn's BCS bid in the summer. And it was all but confirmed by a Thursday Miami Herald report listing Edsall among the top candidates to replace Randy Shannon at Miami.

Among the coaches who have spoken to UM about the job are Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen, Connecticut coach Randy Edsall and Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville.

But don't pass out just yet. While this report confirms Edsall as a candidate for a position with a far higher profile than any you'll find in Storrs, A) it's not something you haven't expected or, if you're like me, haven't already come to terms with; and B) it's far from a forgone conclusion.

After a season like UConn just had, Edsall rumors are bound to flare up all over the place -- they essentially have already, leaving the Connecticut Media Machine with plenty to yuck about for the time being.

Yet, the list of viable opportunities is likely a short one. While Edsall's work in turning UConn into a BCS bowl participant is nothing short of miracle, he doesn't bring the same sizzle that a Dan Mullen or Hot Young Up-And-Comer X does. 

To lean on the overused "hot girl" parallel, Mullen and the likes of Jim Harbaugh and Bo Pelini are the hot girls, the ones you're sure will put out immediately. Edsall, while becoming more attractive as the years go on (especially after going shopping for some new facilities), is still a bit of a prude.

So while Miami makes a little sense based on Edsall's background -- he coached in Jacksonville and has mined some recruits from Florida recently (albeit, through Terry Richardson) -- I'm not sure he'd bring enough excitement to a school located in city with a vibrant, night life-obsessed culture in desperate need to re-energize its crestfallen football program. 

Besides, after firing Shannon following a 7-5 season, can Miami really rationalize hiring a coach that won just one more game in an easier conference?

The pieces don't add up. 

Edsall will probably takes his talents to another university before the new year. But Miami isn't the one.