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Right now UConn has the most successful athletics program in the country

The last time a UConn team of note lost, it was October 23. That was when the football team got embarrassed by Louisville and well, things were grim. There were serious doubts about Randy Edsall's ability to ever get his football team over the hump, and while the women's basketball team was looking good as always, even the most optimistic of UConn fans (me) thought the best case scenario for the men was somewhere around 22 wins and a Top-20 ranking.

Well, things have changed since then. If you want proof, just look to our fan confidence poll. On Oct. 25th, it hit it's all-time low. Now, the average score is 89. It is a very happy graph. That's with good reason, because right now, there isn't a single school I'd trade places with.

UConn has two top-five basketball teams and a football team in the BCS. That's success of historic proportions. I can't even believe I just wrote it -- it's insane.

And when you throw in the fact that the women are one win away from 88 straight, it just gets more insane.

Look, this success won't last forever, hell, we'll be lucky if it lasts for one more week. If the men are able to take care of business against Coppin St. and Harvard, they have a looming matchup at Pittsburgh. Even if they win, the football team does actually have to play in its BCS game, which might take a bit of the bloom off of the rose. And hard as it is to fathom, the UConn women might actually lose at some point (possibly against Stanford, assuming they beat the two ranked teams they're playing before the Cardinal).

But we have the success now, so appreciate it. They don't keep track of stats like "school's who have had two undefeated top-five basketball teams and a BCS team at the same time," but I'm guessing this is the only time it has been done.

UConn, right now, has the most successful athletic department in the country. Enjoy it. Go Huskies.