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AP Basketball Top 25 Poll: UConn goes from unranked to No. 7

The UConn Huskies have jumped from unranked to No. 7 in the newest AP Top 25 poll. The jump, which is the second biggest in the poll's history comes on the heels of UConn's Maui Invitational championship. The Huskies beat Wichita St., No. 2 Michigan St. and No. 9 Kentucky in the tournament.

Michigan St. fell to No. 6 in the poll (how are they ahead of UConn?) and Kentucky is now ranked 10th. Wichita St. is unranked but received votes.

There are six Big East teams ranked in the Top 25. Pittsburgh is No. 3, Syracuse is No. 8, Villanova is No. 12, Georgetown is No. 16 and Notre Dame is No. 25. West Virginia, Louisville and Cincinnati also received votes but are unranked.

UConn's jump from unranked to No. 7 is second only to Kansas' 1989 team in the history of the poll. That team went from unranked to No. 4 after beating No. 1, No. 2 and No. 25 in the same week.