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The Backyard Brawl: The most important non-UConn game* you'll watch this year

We talk a lot about Formula 2007 around here, as well we should, it brought UConn its first and only Big East title. What we don't note quite as often is how UConn backed into that title. Sure, we cover the beatdown that West Virginia laid on UConn, but the real key was what happened in the week after the Mountaineers finished having their way with the Huskies: The Backyard Brawl. 

That year, West Virginia was supposed to roll Pittsburgh in their annual hatefest and waltz to a Big East title. Instead Pat White got injured, Pitt somehow pulled out a 13-9 win and UConn got a share of the Big East title. 

Today, West Virginia and Pitt will meet in the 103rd Backyard Brawl and just like in 2007, the fate of the Big East title rests in the balance. If Pitt wins, all that will stand between them and the BCS is a final date with Cincinnati. However, if West Virginia takes this chance to stick it to their rivals, control of the Big East will instantly shift to UConn. The Huskies will then be two wins away from becoming the best argument yet for a college football playoff err...  receiving a 50-point beating in the Fiesta Bowl err... experiencing the glory of the BCS.

The game is at noon on ABC and you can consider this your open thread. Meacham and I will be here, join us. This is the first and only time I'll say this: Go 'eers.

*Does not include games that are mercifully not Big East matchups.