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Where will UConn be ranked on Monday?

UConn is going to be ranked on Monday. Over the course of three days they beat a highly-touted mid-major and two top 10 teams. When you do something like that, the question isn't if UConn will be ranked, but how high. Luke Winn had the Huskies ranked No. 7 in his latest power rankings, which came our before the Kentucky game.

If you're looking for history, the highest a team has ever jumped into the polls is Kansas' 1989 squad. The defending-champion Jayhawks were unranked before beating the No.1, No. 2 and No. 25 ranked teams in the perseason NIT. The next week they came in at No. 4.

In 2001, Arizona entered at the No. 8 spot after beating No. 2, No.7 and No. 23, and last year, Syracuse went from unranked to No. 10 in the poll after beating Cal and North Carolina.

I doubt UConn will be able to match Kansas' mark, but they should come in pretty high. My gut says the Huskies will come in around No. 8, so I'll go with that. I want to know what you think though, vote in the poll below and jump into the comments to give me your exact guess. The winner gets +1000 Internet points (for Internet point distribution purposes, we'll be using the AP poll).

Also, we're getting a new Big East Power Rankings this week, so give me your best guess at that. They were No. 7 two weeks ago, but I'm going to argue for putting them No. 1 because it's a power poll, and no one has a better resume than UConn nor looks more powerful than the Huskies do at the moment.