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TheOpenThread: UConn Huskies vs. Kentucky Wildcats

Forty-eight hours ago, I never would have believed the Huskies would be playing in this game. Sure, Kemba Walker looked great against Vermont, but Wichita St. would certainly put up a fight, and even if UConn got past them, how could they possibly hope to beat No.2 Michigan St.?

Well, 48 hours is a long time. Kemba Walker looks like the best player in the country and the ragtag bunch of underclassmen gave him enough support yesterday to give Husky Nation an unexpected thrill.

Now the Huskies are set to face off against No. 9 Kentucky and Jim Calhoun's nemesis John Calipari. It should be a good game, which has the added bonus of pitting Walker against Brandon Knight, the talented freshman who opted for Lexington over Storrs earlier this year.

Tip-off is at 10 on ESPN. The last two threads have been lively and a lot of fun, so please join us. Go Huskies.